Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Oh how I LOVE Christmas! I love the urge to shop, the hustle and bustle in every store, the decorations, decorating, how Hobby Lobby starts getting me in this mood in July (since that's when they put out their Christmas decorations). Most of all I love that Jesus was born. This was such a special Christmas for us. We were able to start teaching Lux the TRUE, one and ONLY reason for Christmas, which is Jesus.
Every night for the past few weeks we have talked about how Jesus birthday was coming soon. She doesn't really "get" it but its still were important to instill this in her mind and heart.
Also for the past few weeks we have been telling her how Santa is coming to leave her lots of new toys! She didn't really get this either until she came down stairs this morning. My parents made it over before she woke up and all she could say was " thank you Nanny and PeePaw for ALL these pwesents, ohhhh thank you , thank you , thank you!" Poor Santa , he got NO credit. The first toy she headed for, her witch.
And yes, she picked this out herself. My only defense is its a Madame Alexander???? Ok, the girl has strange taste. She sees the good in everybody, even witches.
We played with her doll house all day long, in between playing dress up with her costumes from MawMaw and Bop. After seeing all the gifts from everybody I think Its safe to say this girl is spoiled rotten.
Last night after a very entertaining dinner with my side of the family, we made cookies for Santa.

Not only did she eat most of his cookies, she was mad this morning that he had eaten the rest of the cookies!

(the half eaten cookies we left Santa)
And to top off the day, we had a white Christmas. I can remember one time, when i was little, we had a very light "dusting", but today we had 3 or 4 inches! This was such a perfect ending to my favorite Christmas thus far!


Jenn McPherson said...

I love that Lux!! Reese wants her to come over right now (ha!!) She's a lucky little girl with that Christmas!!

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